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Sally Yates Shown the Gate

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates has been fired, from Patterico’s Pontifications [1]:

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, an Obama holdover, had announced that she had ordered the Justice Department not to defend President Trump’s immigration order in court.

Guess what? She is no longer the Acting Attorney General.

Yates joins the murders’ row line-up of Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch who never failed to let their personal politics over ride their duty to enforce our nation’s laws.  The United Nations is claiming over twenty-one million refugees world wide [2].     How many do we have to let in to make the social justice warriors happy?

The sjw appears to be that the United States must admit enough, we don’t just how much, refugees to make the sjw types happy, and that the taxpayer, who in large part oppose refugee resettlement, must pick up the tab, video:

You want the refugees, you pay for them.