The lame stream media is a ablaze with the Obama regime false flag that somehow the Russian government was the conduit for the Wikileaks flood of information hacked from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign.   Yet the Clinton campaign was either inept or apathetic to information security, from Daily Caller:

FBI counter-terrorism officials warned in the summer of 2015 that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doing official business on her home email system potentially compromised national security, according to new 300 pages of new evidence released late Sunday.

The warnings came even as Clinton — by then heavily favored to win the Democratic presidential nomination — casually dismissed any problems with the private email system in her New York mansion

The Clinton campaign was no inept that anybody could hacked into their emails.   Yet Jake Tapper keeps insisting that Russia did it and demands to know why President Elect Donald Trump is not signing  on to the Obama regime talking point as if it were a fact, from Blaze:

“How can you say that the hacking had no impact on the election,” Tapper asked, “when Mr. Trump kept invoking WikiLeaks which was printing, publishing things that the Russians had hacked?”

Clinton’s security so lack that it maybe impossible to know what party or parties, hacked her emails.