As a naval aviator, John McCain was a American hero. As a United States senator, John McCain is a national disgrace. However black Americans need not fret about losing out a true negative role model. Blacks have their own version of McCain, one John Lewis(D, GA – 5), former civil rights hero and certified national laughing stock.

On Today,Lewis let be known that he did not consider Donald Trump to be a legitimate president.  Lewis’ argument to twofold.   One, he attributed  the Wikileaks to the Russians.   Fact, any competent hacker could have hacked into the Clinton campaign and DNC emails.   Two, Lewis alleged that the Russians sabotaged Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.   My take, the woman, formerly known as the Smartest Woman in the World,  did not need any outside assistance to sabotage her own campaign.   Nobody in Russian forced Mrs. Clinton to saturate Omaha in search of one electoral vote while virtually ignoring Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.