Rosie O’Donnell, who is still in denial about Nine Eleven, wants to declare martial law to delay the inauguration of Donald Trump as the forty fifth President of the United States.  New flash to Ms O’Donnell, Mr. Trump having been certified by Congress as President-Elect will automatically become President on January 20, at 12:01, period.  The inauguration is a formality.

Else where in La La Land, Hill is calling for a new election, a call for another Florida 2000 scheme, keep holding elections until the right person can be said to have won.

This is dangerously deceptive. U.S. intelligence concluded that Russian actions did not affect vote counting, but that wasn’t the point. Russia’s goal was what the intelligence report describes as “influence efforts.”

This included the use of propaganda to praise Trump and denigrate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and, most insidiously, disseminating stolen data obtained through Russian cyberespionage. This included the content of emails stolen from the accounts of Democratic party officials and disseminated by Wikileaks.

Trump himself certainly believed the information spread by Wikileaks was helpful to his election chances; he talked about it incessantly on the campaign trail. In the last month of the election alone, Trump mentioned WikiLeaks 164 times. In an election decided by fewer than 100,000 votes in three states, it’s quite likely that Russia’s efforts did make a difference

The truthfulness of the Wikileaks material is an independent question from their sourcing. The Clinton campaign duly issued talking point was not the the information was false but rather that it was stolen, akin to Mitt Romney’s unfortunate, but real, 47 percent remarks.

As for the theory that the Russians stole Mrs. Clinton campaign emails, her cyber security was so poor than anybody could have, and most likely did, hack into her emails. Her campaign manager, John Podesta, used the word password as his password.

The proposed solution:

If it is determined that Russian efforts did indeed put Trump over the top in an incredibly close election, then the next step would be to pass a constitutional amendment requiring a one-time special election to be held as soon as possible.

This would be far from easy, but it is possible with the support of a two-thirds majority in each chamber of Congress, followed with ratification by three-fourths of state legislatures. All of this is unlikely, to say the least — especially in light of the disappointing reality that most Republicans in Congress seem to be willing to let Russian election sabotage slide.

So if it can be demonstrated that: one the Wikileaks material influenced the outcome of of the election; and two, the Russian were the only source of the pilfered materials that a constitution amendment be both passed a ratified and a new election be held in time for Mrs. Clinton to have some term prior to January 20, 2000.  Then I suppose Hill will be then complaining Mrs.Clinton was not allowed her full four year term.