The party of petulant losers attempted to sow the seeds of discontent in the Electoral College.  They got historic results, but not the result wanted, from Townhall:

As it turns out, all of those reports about rogue electors have actually manifested themselves as Democratic rogue electors. Someone in Minnesota tried to vote for nobody before being swapped out for a Hillary voter. An elector in Maine cast a vote for Bernie Sanders, and then switched his vote back to Clinton at a second ballot. Colorado had an elector who tried to defect from Clinton.

However, these all pale to what went down in Washington state. In Washington state four of the state’s 12 Electoral College votes went to someone other than Clinton:

So much for having Michael Moore plan your campaign strategy. One has to wonder just what stunt Moore will plot next. I don’t know why Moore is so upset about an election in the United State. His favorite country, Cuba, has not has free election in over sixty years.

Most candidates are content to lose but once.  Mrs. Clinton seems addicted to losing.   In Aught Eight she lost the nomination to a rookie senator.   She rode Jill Stein’s phony recount to another loss, and her palace coup failed to take the Electoral College.  Mrs. Clinton makes William Jennings Byrant’s record look good.