Eric Florack on December 23rd, 2016

Said Elsewhere, remarking on somebody else’s comments about the war on Christmas.. I don’t know if it matters much. First of all because the war on Christmas will go on regardless of the Battle Tactics and any given point. But more importantly what are they forcing us to say these days? Happy holidays? Have any […]

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davidl on December 23rd, 2016

Slow Joe Biden, Vice President of the United State, according to CNN, via Twitchy: Biden: Hillary Clinton never figured out why she was running Reax, Twitchy: Before awarding Biden points for brutal honesty, note that he dismisses as unfair any suggestion that it was “raw ambition or a desire to move back to the White […]

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davidl on December 23rd, 2016

It is early, but this one is an instant classic.  Snark is a dish best delivered cold, and Kellyanne Conway does, video: Enjoy the Snark of the Year.

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