In his last day in office, the world famous sexual predator and President of the United States, B.J. Clinton, pardoned a fugitive from justice, one Marc Rich. The deal stank then and it still reeks. Now the Federal Bureau of Investigation has released some hundred plus heavily redacted public document pertaining to said pardon, from Washington Examiner:

The FBI has released 129 pages of documents from a decade-old investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s 11th-hour pardon of financier Marc Rich.

“This initial release consists of material from the FBI’s files related to the William J. Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization,” the FBI wrote on its website Tuesday.

“The bulk of these records come from a 2001 FBI investigation into the pardon of Marc Rich (1934-2013) … by President Clinton in 2001; it was closed in 2005,” the bureau said.


Brian Fallon, a Clinton campaign spokesman, quickly lashed out at the FBI for releasing the mostly-redacted files from the Rich pardon probe.

The usual Camp Clinton response to label such a dated issue as “old news.” If that is not sufficient the Clinton’s trot out their refrain, “Mistakes were made.” Apparently the Clinton campaign has established a talking point that the Freedom of Information Act should only be complied with when absolutely necessary. So much for the quaint notion of transparency.

The Clinton’s are seething mad over a the FBI release of fifteen year old public information made in an apparent compliance with a FOIA Where there is smoke there is fire, and the Clinton’s are smoking.