DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleThe Breakfast Scramble:

‘Rats need to call off their dogs, from WaPo:

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, said it is incumbent upon Hillary Clinton, President Obama and other Democratic leaders to calm their supporters and encourage a peaceful transition of power amid anti-Trump demonstrations that have swept U.S. cities since Election Day.

Practice what you preach, from CDR-M, Ace of Spades:

Practice what you preach lefties otherwise nobody will listen to you. Female anti-bullying ambassador arrested at Trump Tower protest for pushing 74 year old man to the ground. Seriously though, keep it up. You make it that much harder for your side to regain power.

Mrs. Clinton too smart by half, from Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Meanwhile, Hillary[Mrs. Clinton] lost not merely because she misread the “real” people, she decided to run a very divisive and nasty negative campaign, which has fueled the violence ever since. According to WikiLeaks emails from campaign John Podesta, Clinton colluded with the DNC and the media to raise what they thought would be the extreme right among Republicans to then make her the middle of the road to hide her agenda.

Ever wonder with the strongest GOP field, maybe ever, we ended up with a four time bankrupt reality television host as President-Elect?   What good does it do too rig the process to run against a lame horse when your horse is both old and crippled?    Even a hare can’t win a race when can’t be bothered to run.   See Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Lurching forward,  J. Forbes Kerry bitterly clings to the fable of anthropogenic global warming, from Eric Worrall, Watts Up with That:

US Secretary of State John Kerry has vowed to fight climate change up to the very last day of his term of office – by flying to lots of photogenic climate hotspots, and demanding we ordinary people cut back on our profligate wasteful lifestyle choices

What kind of fool jets down to New Zealand to preach against a myth? In somewhat related news Oriental James Simpson promised to continue is sit-in at the Nevada State Prison he until he finds the really killer or killers.