davidl on November 30th, 2016

Funny, I can vaguely recall when Carrier was a New York State company. Ah, those were the days. I digressed. Back, Little Donny delivers on a campaign promise, New York Times and Little Bobby Reich upset, via Red State: One of the promises Donald Trump made during his campaign was he would keep companies from […]

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davidl on November 29th, 2016

The Snark of the Day, Neo-Neocon: In what comes as no surprise to any human being on earth (with the possible exceptions of President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, and Obama would be pretending), the attacker has been identified as a recent Somali refugee and a student at Ohio State University. His name is […]

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davidl on November 26th, 2016

The Late Fidel Castro has assumed room temperature. Little Donny stands tall, via PJ Media: Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. While Cuba […]

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davidl on November 25th, 2016

The Breakfast Scramble: Hold your horses Little Donny, from Red State: So can all the Branch Trumpidian cultists stop comparing Trump to Ronald Reagan, now? In a stunning show of cowardice and defeat, Stephen Moore, founder of Club for Growth, has rolled over and abandoned the conservative movement of Reagan for the populist, Big Government […]

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Eric Florack on November 24th, 2016

?Please…. Pay attention to those around the table with you this day. Look them in the eye. Let them know. Give thanks for them while you have them. Consider that no relationship is forever, since we are all mortal. Put aside what petty differences you have with these special people in your life, for special […]

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davidl on November 24th, 2016

The Breakfast Scramble: Draining the Swamp, media edition: “So until members of the media come clean about colluding with the Clinton campaign and admit that they knowingly broke every ethical standard they are supposed to uphold, they should not have the privilege, they should not have the responsibility of covering the president on behalf of […]

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Eric Florack on November 23rd, 2016

How many campaign promises need to be broken before it rises to the level of betrayal of the voters?

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Eric Florack on November 22nd, 2016

People, this is precisely what I warned about before the election. Is this really what you wanted? I will doubtless hear about how I’m not giving it a chance. Whoever ends up being the Attorney General, Sessions, or whoever has just been turned into Eric Holder.

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davidl on November 22nd, 2016

The Breakfast Scramble: Howard Dean loses it, redux, Godwin’s Law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the … mentioned Hitler has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.” Dean, via Mediaite: [F]ormer DNC chairman Howard Dean spoke to a Texas news station about [Steve] Bannon. While speaking about Trump, Dean — who is running to […]

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Eric Florack on November 21st, 2016

?Just so we understand this… The ones who have been trying to sell us “global warming” for decades are now suddenly wetting their shorts over “fake news”? We must be warming… My irony meter just melted.

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davidl on November 21st, 2016

United Nation thugs shut down Marc Marano for symbolic shredding of Paris climate accord, video: Hat tip and more: Climate Depot. The United Nations declaration of human rights gives lip service to protecting free speech, but in practice there is no such protection.

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davidl on November 18th, 2016

The Breakfast Scramble: The Keith Ellison Report, has Ellison become the new face of democrats? Professor William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection: We will see if discussion about Ellison’s past creates enough of a critical mass to make a difference as Democrats who vote on the matter assess their current situation. Moving the Democratic Party further […]

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davidl on November 17th, 2016

Imported from Canada it is the Snark of the Day, from Kate, Small Dead Animals: Did anyone notice that the “Trump ditches press for steak dinner” story hit the news cycle just as Obama was giving a keynote speech in Athens? Neither did the press. See Kate for the links to originals.

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davidl on November 17th, 2016

The Breakfast Scramble: via Red State: WKGW reported 69 of the 112 people arrested in recent protests either weren’t registered to vote or didn’t turn in a ballot. The TV station compared the names of the people arrested by police and compared them to state voter logs compiled by Multnomah County elections officials. Funny these […]

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davidl on November 16th, 2016

Rush Limbaugh on the democrat riots, I tell you what I would do, and I would have already done it, but since it isn’t done already, here’s what I would do. I’d call Obama and I’d call Hillary, and I’d say, “You’re gonna shut this stuff down. You’re gonna stop it right now. It’s your […]

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