And the loser of lasts night’s debate is Candy Crowley, err Lester Holt, from Daisy, COTR:

The most awkward person in the room? Lester Holt. My six-year old could’ve done a better job with questioning. And if you couldn’t see that he favored Hillary, I have tidal wave insurance to sell you in Indiana. Seriously – message me. I’ll give you a great deal.

The birther thing? Tax returns? This crap went on way too long in a 90-minute forum. There was no talk about Benghazi. Barely a mention about Hillary’s emails. What about the Supreme Court, the Affordable Care Act, student loans and how Hillary’s plan is for all college to be free! free! freeeeeee! when we’re at $20T in debt? What about abortion or the military?

Lester allowed too much discussion about petty topics. He was the biggest failure of the evening. Hands down.

If Little Donny wants to be come the big president, he needs to learn how to handle media light weights, like Holt.

Addendum:   even the North of the Border commentators noticed the bias, video:

Mrs. Clinton can’t walk up stairs without assistance, and she hold her in a one on one debate. Wonder if she even remembers why she wanted to run for President.