Eric rambled about the unintended effects of the ethanol mandate.

Given  that not all environmentalists, at least those not named Al Gore, are not stupid and the effects of using food stuffs for motor fuel were quite obvious, and environmental wackos hate people anyhow, was any of this an “accident?”  From Forbes:

In 2007, the global price of corn doubled as a result of an explosion in ethanol production in the U.S. Because corn is the most common animal feed and has many other uses in the food industry, the price of milk, cheese, eggs, meat, corn-based sweeteners and cereals increased as well.  World grain reserves dwindled to less than two months, the lowest level in over 30 years.

From Activist Post:

According to the Royal Society, “the world’s human population, coupled with unprecedented levels of consumption present profound challenges to human health and well being, and the natural environment.”

This group of Eco-fascists believes that securitizing the resources of third world countries, combined with reducing their consumption globally will stabilize the planet’s failing environment.

Just for whom do this social justice warriors want to save the world, a world devoid of people.

Using food stuffs for motor fuels is downright stupid. Mandating its use is just plain immoral.   We can not eat petroleum.  So why should we use corn to fuel our cars?

further, if ethanol is do darned good, for our economy and our environment, why we mandate that only domestic corn be used to produce it? From Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association:

But critics say the ethanol requirements are a sop to the agriculture industry that skew the free market and do not help the environment.

“This is the government using corporate welfare to shower money on a favored industry and then send the bill to the general public,” Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., said in February, when he unveiled legislation to repeal the corn ethanol provision in the RFS.

He was joined by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, who said the ethanol requirement drives up the cost of food and gas, damages car engines and hurts the environment.

Ethanol is grain alcohol and as any drunk can tell you, the cheapest vodka, grain alcohol and water, is made from potatoes. Yet we mandate out ethanol for use as motor fuel be made from corn. Why?