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 Just Say No to the GOP And Its Moral Cowardice

?2016 let’s face it is a disaster for the Republican Party. There’s no two ways to slice that one. The cowardice of the Republican Party , (a phrase I don’t use lightly)…is why.

All the GOP had to be was conservative. In short, they had one job, and screwed it up. All they had to do was Embrace a real conservative instead of spending millions and millions of dollars on the erstwhile candidacy of Jeb Bush. Instead of being fearful about actually being conservative, embrace it and run with it. Learn the lessons that Reagan taught.

But no, as we have discussed, the one thing that the GOP is more fearful of than anything else is actually being conservative. They are still stuck in the 1964 mentality. This is among other things at its base a long term failure of leadership.

Meanwhile, we have yet to see any ideas whatsoever about how the GOP is going to overcome the 12 million Democrat voters that crossed over and put Trump at the top of their ticket.

( A little history lesson. This is precisely what happened with John McCain. We know how that one worked out.)

  Now, in the case of Trump what did we end up with? Someone who is a terrible fundraiser, has 70% negative ratings or higher in every demographic…( a place from which nobody has ever attained the office of president before and in all likelihood never will).. and has in every real sense fractured the party.

Long bereft of a party leadership that would not respond to its wishes, the majority of the party rank-and-file has gone their separate ways. Which has in turn led to the ones that are left, getting behind somebody who is decidedly not conservative, repeatedly… Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and now Donald Trump. 
The sad part of it is that when Trump’s policies fail because they are not conservative, the conservatives will get the blame… Despite conservatives having nothing whatsoever to do with putting him in office and the fact that Donald Trump is not a conservative himself…. and hell will freeze over before we as conservatives get another chance to save the country by putting an actual conservative in the White House and implementing conservative policies.

As for the idea that if we don’t vote for Donald Trump Clinton will get the presidency, that ship already sailed. The fact is that there is no way save Hillary’s actual imprisonment that Donald Trump is going to win the White House. None. 

In fact at this point I’d say Gary Johnson who I’m not tremendously excited about either, probably has a better chance at it.

But that point aside, I am deeply concerned about the damage that would be done by a Trump presidency.

 Ponder this one carefully please. If the party of Reagan has to become the party of Obama to win the White House, what have we gained?

And let’s say for the sake of argument that Donald Trump manages to attain the White House. How will the GOP establishment react? Considering the election of Donald Trump a victory, they will repeat the process in the next cycle, thereby guaranteeing yet again that we will have an unacceptable candidate.

But we’re being told that party unity in the thing. Not only has the Republican Party stabbed conservatives in the back once again, they are now demanding that we celebrate the act. Why is anyone surprised when we refuse to fall in line?


That is not a game I intend to play. Moreover, I would ask others to seriously consider not playing at the, either.

The reluctance to submit to a Hillary Clinton presidency is completely justifiable. I share it. Yet, let’s be honest here. We have been playing this game with the establishment GOP for Generations. We’ve been told repeatedly that if we didn’t vote for the unacceptable Republican candidate the unacceptable Democrat would get power. Well, how’s that one worked out for us? Not very well at the end. Nobody has ever successfully explainef to us why we have to give up our conservative principles to elect somebody who isn’t conservative.

[1]As it stands right now the majority of Republicans have a gag reflex going, partcularly the conservatives. 
Yes, I note the move of selecting Mike Pence as vice-president…. clearly a sop to the conservative wing of the party who he has spent the last six months alienating. Yeah, that’s going to work.

 The fact is that Mike Pence is not going to have any policy say so. Therefore it comes down to being a meaningless gesture.

At this point we are looking forward to serious pain being inflicted on the American people by the American government no matter who wins this upcoming election. The way I see it,  we have but one means of any gain out of this. That is to throttle the GOP establishment by rejecting the candidate that they have forced on the American people by means of their ineptitude and cowardice.

The only way I know to stop the GOP establishment from offering up unacceptable candidates along the lines of a Donald Trump is to not vote for them. It is thus you remove the power from them.

Again I say, this country is headed for some seriously hard times and frankly I’d just as soon the conservatives didn’t get the blame for it by way of Association.
Just say no.