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Doing Exactly the Same Thing And Hoping It Comes Out Different This Time

Ponder this one. 
The GOP has lost with three of its last four candidates. 

Bob Dole.

Mitt Romney.

John McCain.

 The fourth …W… required a Supreme Court decision to take the White House. This despite all of them easily winning their nominations. So much for the value of the Trump supporters cleaning that America has spoken and we should support him as Republicans. That point aside….

Not a blessed one of them was conservative. W was the best of the bunch but was at best , a Centrist.
You would think somebody would figure out that the formula isn’t working and we need an actual conservative. The GOP establishment refuses steadfastly to learn the lessons that Ronald Reagan taught us. Then again, they weren’t too happy about Reagan either back in the day were they? 

But no, they coughed up Donald Trump who is definitely not a conservative and used  sorts of dirty tricks  to eliminate constitutional conservative from contention, and trying to remove the right-wing from the party.

You would think they would have figured out by now all that what they’ve been doing hasn’t been working.

This isn’t 1964, folks. Your only option GOP establishment, is to be conservative. And you blew it. You, nobody else but you are responsible for Hillary Clinton attaining the White House.
You broke it, you moron. You bought it.