If the movement which labels itself Black Lives Matter, actually cared about black lives, and not merely promoting more black crime, they would not be protesting urban policing, they would be shutting down the aborturiums which wantonly slaughter unborn black lives, from David Marcus, Federalist:

One day after Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to occupy New York’s City Hall Park, one of their central demands was met. With the resignation of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton Tuesday, the group can claim a victory in its effort to transform policing in America’s largest city.


Giuliani and Bloomberg left de Blasio with a city that, unlike many others such as Chicago, is not suffering from a crisis of violent crime. This didn’t happen by accident. It is the direct result of policing policies that have influenced departments all over the country. It is a result of practices that work. For the city to now begin rejecting police policies that have kept millions safe is a terrible idea that should give Gotham’s voters pause next year.

No sane person would trade in New York City style policing, ala Rudy Giuliani and Micheal Bloomberg, for Chicago style policing favored by Rahm Emanuel. Yet de Blasio just did. Good luck Mr. Phelps.   De Blasio just cratered to a movement based a lie, hands up, don’t shoot.