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A Tale of Two Floods

Anyone who’s read this website for any length of time at all knows full well that I am no fan of W. He was sufficiently better than the alternative at the time to trigger my endorsements, something that Donald Trump will never do.
That said, both David and myself have often pointed out the unfairness and the political nature of the attacks on him following the Katrina disaster. So you can imagine the smile that came over my face this morning whilst perusing The Hill [1]

If ever there was a contrast to make around “then-and-now” media coverage of a Republican and Democratic president put in similar situations and their respective reactions to it, this one definitely makes the Top 5.

No kidding.

A very simple question, if George W. Bush was president right now and playing golf with celebrities in one of the richest zip codes in the country, would the headlines again be everywhere that portray him as insensitive, out-of-touch, even a racist president be the same now as they were 2005? Of course they would.

Instead, President Obama continues his vacation that includes fundraising events for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton [2] and the relative silence is deafening.

Understand, there is no doubt in my mind that a lot of the attention being paid the golf games of  King Barry… mostly by the Trump zombies… are political in nature. But inherent in that observation is the equally damning observation that most of the attacks on W back in the day were purely political as well…. and that’s something the Press of today refuses to acknowledge.

Obama mocked the Bush Administration in 2005 for its “unconscionable ineptitude” after Katrina hit. He even visited the area to report what he witnessed.

But the headlines this morning are all about Paul Manafort’s resignation, Trump’s alleged pivot,  U.S. swimmers up to no good in Rio, and the $400 million payment to Iran that the administration still insists wasn’t ransom to free American hostages. 

There is also one more headline: How funny it is that the president played golf with the guy who played Bernie Sanders [3] on Saturday Night Live in the form of Larry David.

Like I said, a goodly chunk of what’s going on here is attacks on Obama from the Trump zombies. But will the Obama Bots admit they did the same thing back in the day?
We both know better.