When I see Mitch McConnell celebrating that his delegation to the convention all in for Trump, I have the proof I’ve been thinking that we’ve been had

Along that same line…Endorsements for Paul Ryan John McCain and Kelly Ayotte. 

Forgive me but I seem to recall a tea party where in the object was to get constitutional conservatives into office, people that would reflect the Constitutional values. In other words we were fighting against people such as these. And here comes Donald Trump endorsing them?

Then again there’s also who Donald Trump has been attacking lately. Have you noticed?
 He has been attacking conservatives. Not the establishment GOP.  Forgive me for repeating myself here but I seem to recall a tea party whose Express purpose was to kick the GOP establishment in the slats repeatedly until such time as they vector. Clearly that’s not at all what’s on Donald Trump’s mind these days.
As a bonus think whose side Trump is on. There’s a solid indication for that too. 

Do you remember Charles Schumer the Uber leftist from New York? It is often said that the most dangerous place on the planet is between Charles Schumer on an open microphone.
He’s known for opening his mouth at just about every opportunity. Yet he has said absolutely nothing about Donald Trump.
Gee, I wonder why?

We’ve been playing the same game with the establishment for 40 years now. Since before Reagan. Remember, the establishment wasn’t too happy about Reagan. Fought against him in the 76 convention. Arranged the rules so that he got rejected. Jerry Ford won the nomination and then promptly lost his backside to Jimmy Carter.
Time does the last for presidential Cycles. Each won handily won their nomination three out of the four lost their presidential bids once it got to the general and the fourth one took a Supreme Court decision to take the White House. How has not being conservative been working out for you guys?

Well that’s it. I’m not playing the game anymore. And I suspect in fact I know full well that I am hardly alone. There must needs be consequence for forcing an acceptable candidates down the throat of the American electorate.