?On many of the political groups that I follow, they Trump supporters are going absolutely spastic because they have begun to realize the poor choice that they have made. They begin to realize that it’s a very close election indeed.

Think about it now. In Hillary Clinton we have someone who is unquestionably the worst candidate for the office of President of the United States in American history. Absolutely the worst. And yet can’t seem to get any traction against her. The reason is simple enough… they are equals. Trump, far from being opposition, funded and endorsed Hillary Clinton for years.
I have yet to see a reasonable answer to the question “do you have any reasons whatsoever to vote for Donald Trump that do not involve Hillary Clinton?”
See, telling me how evil Hillary Clinton is is preaching to the choir. All Americans know this. Even most Democrats know this. That’s not a reason to vote for Donald Trump. Especially since he supported her endorsed her  etc. For years.
No of course I will be told that he did so to keep his business is alive. So what you’re telling me is that you want to elect a corrupt businessman to end Hillary Clinton’s corruption? Isn’t trying to buy influence among politicians corruption?
Sorry does not compute.
The  GOP told us all about how they could win without conservative support. Donald Trump gave us the laughable assertion that the reason that Mitt Romney lost his run for office was because he was too conservative. I’ve already demonstrated several times that he wasn’t even close to conservative. 
One can only draw the conclusion that one will not be able to fit water between a Donald Trump Administration and a Hillary Clinton administration. The party of Ronald Reagan has now become indistinguishable from the party of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.
And in any event, even assuming that my voting for Donald Trump would remove the corruption you rightly complain about with Hillary Clinton, and that’s a stretch to say the least, it’s not my responsibility to remove the consequences of your poor choices.
  If you want to blame somebody for Hillary Clinton attending the White House when she does, (and she will if Donald Trump takes the nomination… ) …look in the mirror Trump supporters. Look in the mirror. And put the responsibility for Hillary Clinton winning the White House precisely where it belongs.
Here’s a thought. Next time, assuming God grants us a next time, you listen to the conservatives. What do you say?