Charles Blow in the New York Times:

We can’t even agree on how much to talk about race relations, as the discussion itself becomes a political football for the two major parties in this country. According to the report:

Ok, I agree. We, as a society, do not discuss race in public. Why? Because it is pointless. To wit, Blow provides the answer in his very next paragraph.

Finally, we continue to be deceived about the enormous and epidemic nature of often-invisible institutional racism, preferring instead to direct our ire at the more easily identified and vilified interpersonal racism. The report puts it this way:

You can not have a rational discussion of race with a person who believes in an all powerful, but somehow totally invisible force, to wit institutional racism. Individuals, such a Blow, can be and often are racist. A phantom force, no so much. Institutional racism is the hockey stick of the race warrior. You can not solve a problem that has not been defined.

If you want to improve racial outcome, get over the theory institutional racism.