Trump_ClintonA after an endless series of lies that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, President Wannabe Mrs. Clinton wants to federalize your daycare provider(and mandate it as well?}, from Chicks on the Right:

Child care can be expensive. In some cases, all the money parents make working goes toward child care. It’s a legitimate problem, but no worries! Liberals have a solution. More government!

During a campaign stop in Kentucky Tuesday, Hillary Clinton called for a “bigger government backstop” to ensure that parents aren’t spending more than 10% of their paychecks on child care costs.


Here’s the thing. Child care is expensive, yes. But a government subsidy is NOT the answer. Every time the government gets involved in something, it makes it worse. (Please allow me to refer you to our healthcare system.) Parents, if you take advantage of this government subsidy, you’re giving the government a say in your life. Soon, they’ll be able to tell you the child care centers you can go to. They’ll tell you how often you can do it. It’s not as great as it seems. Read the fine print.

Exit question, will President Pants Suit seek congressional legislation to impose a daycare version of Common Core, or just go for an executive order?