I note that the below cited source is hardly noted for conservative bias, from the Los Angeles Dog Trainer Times:

It was one of the most closely watched cases in recent years of a black man dying after being in police custody.

With Baltimore reeling from demonstrations that sometimes had become violent, Marilyn J. Mosby, Maryland’s attorney for the city, acted within weeks of the death of Freddie Gray to bring murder and manslaughter charges against six police officers.


Prosecutors said Nero — one of three officers on bike patrol who chased and arrested Gray on April 12, 2015 — assaulted Gray by detaining him without justification. The reckless endangerment charge was from Nero putting Gray in a police van without buckling the seat belt.

In his ruling Monday, Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams said there were “no credible facts” to show that Nero was directly involved in Gray’s arrest. Testimony suggested that Nero played a minimal role in putting Gray in the van and that his actions were in line with his training, the judge said.

The prosecutor, Mosby, charged a citizen, Edward Nero, for various and assorted crimes, for which according to the judge, she offered no credible proof. It appears that Mosby is right that a crime was committed in the City of Baltimore, by her, to wit for the reckless and vindictive prosecution of an innocent citizen.   Officer Nero only crime was policing while white.  Waiting for Loretta Lynch and the regime’s Department of [In]Justice to attempt to pull injustice from the jaws of justice, in three, two …