I wonder how long it will be before the Obama regime issues rules to regulate Big Toy?   From Ashley Rae Goldenberg, MRCTV:

The White House will be holding a conference to encourage toy companies and the media to “break down gender stereotypes” because not enough girls are choosing to pursue careers in STEM fields.

The one-day conference, sponsored by the White House Council on Women and Girls, the Department of Education, and the Media, Diversity & Social Change Initiative at the University of Southern California will try to address the “gender gaps in our workforce.”

According to the White House, it is a tremendous problem that only 29 percent of those in some of the “highest-paying, most in-demand” STEM fields are women.


The White House’s press release does not note that it is possible that girls and boys simply have different interests that may lead them to pursue different careers—and even want different toys.

A stereotype is any perception, whether true or not, which a social justice warrior does not agree.  Hence the need for re-education.

By what criteria does Ms Jarrett establish that not “enough” girls are pursuing STEM field careers?   Ms Jarrett would rail at the suggestion that a girl not be allowed to abort her unborn baby, but would evidently is willing to use the White House Gestapo to enforce  Ms Jarrett’s personal view of appropriate career fields for women.  I all for young women being able to both freely choose what careers they want to pursue and with what toys they play.  And you?

Is Ms Jarrett using public funds to pursue a legitimate problem, or just wasting tax payer dollars to stroke her personal vanity? I say the latter.

From History of Dolls:

A doll is a figure of a human being (or sometimes of an animal) used most often as a children’s toy, in magic and religious rituals. There are documents that prove that dolls were use in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. They were made from materials that were available like clay, stone, wood, bone, ivory, leather or wax… There is also archaeological evidence that dolls were oldest known toys.

Wooden paddle dolls are one of the oldest dolls found. They were discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs that date from 2000BC. Their purpose is not entirely clear. Ancient Greek dolls with articulate limbs date from 200BC and documents from 100BC show dolls as children’s toys. Romans made dolls from clay, wood, ivory or rags. They were found in children’s graves dressed according to the latest fashions. Newly wed Greek and Roman girls would give their doll to Goddess. Some dolls had multiple roles. They were children’s playthings but they would also participate in rituals or used in children’s education. Some dolls were never given to the children because it was believed that they are too charged with magical powers.

Girls have been playing with dollars for apparently as long as their have been little girls. which long before Big Toy existed to perpetuate Valarie Jarrett’s evil stereotypes.    Wars on free speech and toys, what will the social justice warriors attack next?