Everything from here down is a quoted post. I can’t get a clean link on it so I’m simply going to post a text here because I think it deserves the exposure.

I was listening to Rush this afternoon, something I haven’t done in a while and he took a call from a woman who asked him how he can justify his analysis that Ted Cruz is an outsider, that he is anti-establishment.  She just couldn’t understand what his thinking is.

Incidentally, she was able to do this without insults or ridicule.

Rush then asked her a question.

He asked her if she knew of Cruz before Donald Trump came into the picture to which she said yes, she did.

He then asked her if she though he was an outsider and anti-establishment then, to which she replied yes she did.

Then Rush told her to think about that.  She told her to think about the fact that the only thing that has changed her mind about where Cruz stands politically, is Donald Trump.  He then acknowledged that next to Trump, just about anyone could be considered an “insider”.

He reminded her that Cruz was elected SPECIFICALLY because he was an outsider and since he’s been in the Senate he has fought the likes of Mitch McConnell and the rest of the establishment tooth and nail and with consistency.

You see (this is me now), all this birther crap and NWO garbage and blah blah blah is recycled trash from when he ran for the Senate against the anointed candidate, Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst.

Those of us that knew of Cruz before Trump are his most loyal supporters.


Because we truly know what he is all about and we aren’t going to buy the lies of the Trump machine.

It’s that simple.