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Harriet Tubman In, Andrew Jackson Out, Sort of

If you listen to social justice warrior, and actually believed them, you would think our problem is too many dead white males.   Well the Treasury Department has announced plans to ease one despicable dead white male, and democrat Andrew Jackson off the face of the twenty dollar bill and replace him with a gun toting, freedom fighting republican woman, Harriet Tubman.

As for myself, I figure Tubman is about as good as we going to get from the Obama regime.  For their part, you’d think  the social justice warriors would be happy.   As always, they are not, from Steven Hayward, Power Line: [1]

Leftists Lose Their Lunch Over the Tubman 20

After years of complaining that America’s paper money featured only dead white guys, a lot of folks on the Left are in a snit that Harriet Tubman is going to replace Andrew Jackson on the face of the twenty-dollar bill. You can practically hear them: “We didn’t mean a gun-toting, Bible-believing Republican black woman! We meant Angela Davis!”

Moral honesty and consistency are too much to expect from a social justice warrior.