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Nightly Ramble: How About We Try Oil As an Alternative?

This evening finds me at Gouldsboro Pennsylvania. In the morning I will run into Babylon New York out on Long Island to deliver this load and then back into Pennsylvania.

I’ve noted on trips into Long Island in the past that the seagulls there are huge as compared to the beauty of little things that we have living on Lake Ontario around Rochester. I’ll have to see if I can’t get a picture.

After some minor difficulties the truck is in fighting trim, and performing very well indeed. I am well pleased.

image [1]

I notice a report this morning that was forwarded me by reader. Thank You Frank….

Anyway, the report which is here [2], (pdf) suggests that to make the Tesla for example practical, and economically viable, versus a normal gasoline fired vehicle, oil would have to be running in the neighborhood of $350 per barrel.

Now, one can easily assume since we’re talking about the same kind of batteries, that for example the Prius which still burns gasoline to make its electricity yeah it has very expensive batteries which need periodic replacement would require a similar cost of oil to make them economically viable.

Oh, and all of this assumes that the federal government keeps chipping in the majority of the cost of the car. Government Motors has been losing hand over fist on the Chevy Volt for example…. to the tune of $60,000 per vehicle. Then to add insult to injury, those who purchase such vehicles are given tax credits by the federal government increasing the cost of the taxpayer even further. Remove those subsidies and by some estimates the cost of oil would have to be well over $500 a barrel to make such vehicles economically viable in a free market society.

At what point do we stop wasting time and money on this nonsense?