Indiana to extend protection of the disabled to the unborn, from Reuters:

Indiana is likely to become the second U.S. state to prohibit abortions based on the diagnosis of the fetus with a disability such as Down syndrome.

Republican Governor Mike Pence has until the end of the day to sign or veto the bill, which was ushered through the Republican-led legislature over the last three months. The bill still becomes law on Friday if the governor does not sign it but fails to veto it.

It would take a heartless ghoul to oppose an act designed to protect the disabled.  Hello

A petition circulating on hoping to persuade the governor to veto the bill had more than 5,600 signatures as of Thursday morning.

The measure would add “shame, stigma and barriers at a time when the most critical need is medically accurate information and compassionate care,” it said.

I doubt that Indiana’s law would make that much actual difference. Abortionist would simply lie and claim they were killing to protect the health of the mother.  Still it is nice to see the ghouls of the ilk of have to charge up the moral ground.