If Donald Trump were not the pet republican of the media, Trump’s temper tantrum would be called for what it is, a meltdown.

Ripped from Memeorandum:

Jose A. DelReal / Washington Post:

Donald Trump can’t stop saying nasty things about women.  It could cost him. … Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump leads the press around on a tour after a campaign press conference at the at the Old Post Office Pavilion, soon to be a Trump International Hotel, in Washington on Monday.

Jesse Byrnes / The Hill:

Trump revs up Heidi Cruz attacks  —  over the Republican presidential rival’s wife after she slammed his statements for having “no basis in reality.”  —  Trump shared an image on Twitter around midnight Wednesday comparing his wife, Melania, a former model, to Cruz’s wife, stating, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The leads say it all.  There is no political advantage to be gained attacking a candidates family.  Yet Trump can not control himself.  Do you really want to give the Donald the nuclear football?

Question for Mr. Trump from the Bitsblog editorial board: Mr. Trump when did you first become aware that your wife posed for somewhat provocative photographs?

Like Mrs. Clinton’s willful blindness to her husband’s chronic infidelity, it is simply not appropriate for a spouse to object to disclosure of information about his or her spouse that he or she should have known all along.