The idea that men and women are different is plain old common sense.  However Social Justice Warriors are immune from common sense.  Being immune to common sense means SJW’s are incapable of logic.   Such as group A and can not be said to be equal to group B, if the latter demands special treatment.

It not that men and women are different.  That much is known.   The problem that SJW’s demand the exclusive right to deem when men and women are to treated as if they were equal and when women must be granted special privileges.   If women want to be treated as if they were equal, then need to man up and put an end to female privilege, from Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner:

This is just a private company, so it’s not a big deal. I certainly hope women don’t start demanding special treatment in the workplace because of a biological function they should have learned how to deal with in middle school. I get it, some women have bad cramps or bad PMS, but there are literally hundreds of ways to fix that. If any of the numerous over-the-counter drugs don’t work, there are home remedies. If none of those work, and you have period pains so severe you can’t work, then you should probably seek medical help.

The men, naturally, won’t be getting any time off for their easily treatable aches and pains. Even if you don’t mind the discrimination against men to give women this special treatment — allowing them to skip work a few days every month while the men pick up the slack — it would also be discriminating against menopausal women. (And what about trans women?)

Schow is a word volcano and it is darn hard to pick an excerpt from her copy.

Hat tip, Glen Reynolds, Instapundit.

Added, when the monthly curse leave be offered only to ciswomen?   Mean, if Bruce Jenner can be deemed a women because he imagines himself to be one, genitalia be damned, can he also be deemed eligible for the monthly curse leaves because he also imagines that he has a monthly cycle?  Film at Eleven,