B. Hussein Obama is rarely seen in a Christian church but he did make political stop a Muslim mosque, Kevin Liptak, CNN Politics does a Monica for the Obama regime:

But for Obama, who continues to be dogged by conspiracy theories that suggest he himself is a Muslim (Obama is a Christian), a stop at an Islamic center proved far more complicated the first seven years of his term. A CNN/ORC poll in September found that 29% of Americans said they believed Obama was a Muslim, including 43% of Republicans.

There are but two entities, and onlyl one person on Earth who knows if one Barrack Hussein Obama is in fact a Christian, and that one person is not named Kevin Liptak.   If Obama is a Christian is known only to him and God.   Has Liptak managed to tap into Obama’s prayers?  Somehow I doubt it.   What Liptak is offering is what comes out the south end of a north facing hog.

Hat tip, and reaction to way twenty-nine percent of Americans who believe Obama is a Muslim, Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch:

This suspicion persists after seven years of his presidency not because of bigotry, but because he so consistently and repeatedly advances the Muslim Brotherhood agenda, to the rage and chagrin of Egyptian protesters against the Morsi regime in 2013, has made a series of disastrous concessions to Iran, has bullied Israel, and has spoken positively about Islam on numerous occasions while criticizing Christianity.

I, like Liptak, do not believe Obama is a Muslim. Then neither to I believe Obama a Christian. An honest theist must stand before and submit to his god. I believe, the only god to whom Obama worships is himself.