Brian Sack has written a tongue in cheek guide to assimilation into western society for Muslim immigrants. This author takes the liberty of using Sack’s humor to make some serious points.

Melissa ClickFirst why social justice warriors favor unchecked immigration. Muslims like SJW’s are intolerant bigots, from Federalist:

How Can I Silence These Opinions that Offend Me?

Dislike or offend—it doesn’t matter. As famously well-assimilated immigrant Salman Rushdie once said: “Nobody has the right to not be offended.” We understand that certain cultures have a terrible time handling criticism or dissent, but it was you who came here—without a gun to your head. If there was a gun to your head, it was being held by someone who couldn’t handle criticism or dissent.

For the SJW view of tolerance of dissenting opinion see, Click, Melissa.

Second, why women who value their western freedom and safety, should oppose uncontrolled immigration:

Why Isn’t that Woman All Covered Up?

As you have noticed, Western women are not covered from head to toe in an unsettling black bedsheet. This is mainly because it’s the twenty-first century. We have Oculus Rift, the Apple Watch, autonomous Teslas, and women are allowed to choose whether they ghost about town under a bedsheet. Unsurprisingly, most choose not to. This was the very same choice women in Iran made until the Angry Bearded Yelling Men took over in 1979!

Does an Uncovered Woman Desire My Hand on Her Crotch?

You should always assume the answer is no. Creepily traipsing about the mall in a disconcerting black bedsheet does not make a woman more pious, pure, or moral than an un-sheeted one. It makes her subservient to a misogynistic, patriarchal system derived from a Bronze Age origin story that was copped together from other Bronze Age origin stories./blockquote>

Hat tip: Maetenloch. Ace of Spades

Women, Muslims immigrants are not your friends.  Neither are these SJW types who favor unchecked Muslim immigration.

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