Barack Obama fries a blankPresident Obama dropped into  the Windy City, Chicago, surrounded by his personal security phalanx to complain about too many guns in the hands of the very citizens who pay his salary, from Chicago Tribune:

President Barack Obama returns Tuesday to his hometown, a city that has become a national symbol of gun violence, to speak with police leaders from around the country about the need for tougher firearm laws.


Obama’s visit comes at a time when Chicago continues to struggle with gun violence. Even on the most recent late October weekend, shootings left 28 people wounded and six killed.

For the year so far, homicides are nearing 400, well ahead of the pace at this point in 2014 and 2013. Through 6 a.m. Monday, homicides had risen 18.5 percent to 391, up from 330 during the year-earlier period, said Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Amusing, Dumbo, the dim one with big ears, tried to blame Chicago’s murder rate on the State of Indiana’s lack gun laws.

Weaker guns laws in Indiana, for instance, have long been a problem for Chicago police, leading to a steady stream of illegal guns crossing the border and ending up on the city’s West and South sides. A recent report issued by the city said 60 percent of the illegal guns recovered by Chicago police from 2009 to 2013 came from out of state, many from Indiana.

Yet while there are circa three times as many Hoosiers than residents of the Windy City, the City of Chicago has fifty percent more murders than the State of Indiana.  It is not lack of gun control in Indiana which is killing the citizens of the Windy City.

Source, source.