So question, how did Dim Won, b/k/a President Barack Obama, famous for not knowing anything until he reads about it in the New York Times, know that one Ahmed Mohamed, was Muslim and detained by Irving Texas police for bringing what seemed to look like a bomb to school and immediately arrange for a White House visit?  From Erick Erickson, Red State

Let’s admit up front that it is stupid that a ninth grader got arrested for making a clock and bringing it to school. They thought it was a bomb. I will not imply motives to the kid bringing his cool invention to school. I would note, however, it was a government school and we can probably further indict public schools for it.\


This story is staged. The cops overreached, but it all played out according to someone’s plan.

This smells like another Islamic dry run, ala the shoe bomber.

I must note that the Irving school acted like total and utter fools. They declared that Mohamed looked like a bomb, but the school never acted like the device was a bomb. The proper response to a bomb threat is evacuate the building and not to confiscate the so-called bomb.

Addendum:   Mohamed may not have built a bomb, but did not build a clock.   Rather he repackaged a old Radio Shack clock, from Anthony, Art Voice.   It seems Mohamed’s device was more intended to resemble a bomb than actually tell time, as it seems to have no actual display.