This evening I’m just west of Syracuse New York. Syracuse is known as the Salt City, because of its early salt industry which gave for many years the largest tax revenue of any industry in the state. it’s also the site of the State Fair, and has been since 1848 if I’m not mistaken.

The biggest employer in Syracuse these days is the college did Vera its name. Much like Rochester, where the U of R is the biggest employer there.


It didn’t used to be so. Time was New York had a healthy industry base. Rochester had Xerox ocean liner Kodak and the usual service industries that pop up around such major industries. Syracuse, similarly. Not so much anymore, because for the last hundred years or so New York state governments, under both establishment Republicans, and Democrats, has been pushing industry out of the state, or killing it off entirely. That for another night.

I’m parked at a rest area along the Thruway. I’m here because of government regulations. I am less than an hour from the house, but can’t legally make it to the house to spend the night with my family, regulations forced me to sit out here in Syracuse for a 10 hour rest period.  The difference in time is the really aggravating part of this. 15 minutes. 15 minutes worth of drive time is what’s keeping me from sleeping in my own bed tonight. Welcome to good government, and welcome to my world.

I notice the situation in Baltimore continuing to get stranger by the moment. The state prosecutor today came out to a press conference that she arranged, and made several overtly political statements. Statements that where is she Caucasian, she would have gotten fired over before the echo died.

She should have recuse yourself in any event. There’s a number of conflict of interest points to be made about the woman, and those conflicts are what is causing many to call for a special prosecutor there.

Despite this grandstand play, it seems that the case is not going her way already. It turns out that not only was Gray belligerent in the extreme, it also turns out that the toxicology report came out with traces of both marijuana and heroin in his system. The story I’m getting from people in Baltimore, is that Gray was observed involved in a drug deal, and that’s why he was originally arrested.

Given the arrest record that I posted the other night, this would seem to make a great deal of sense. But you will notice that the prosecutor said nothing about this. But I fully expect us to come up in both testimony, and in the news reports going forward.

I also note, that this report that she called the press conference over yesterday supposedly wasn’t supposed to have been made public. We were told right up until Thursday night the public wasn’t supposed to be informed of that till such time as the investigation went through with the process. Suddenly, the next day, she comes up with this grandstand play. Couldn’t have anything to do with the arrival of Sharpton? That seems an even money bet.

Plus the state prosecutor is obviously going after political power here. The charges that she’s broad have so high a standard as to prevent a successful prosecution. Even assuming the cops did something wrong. I’m  increasingly suspecting they have not.

Oh, and you’ll recall I mentioned that nobody had said anything about the racial makeup of the cops. I was immediately suspicious, given the racial makeup of the police department overall. Turns out, three of the cops are black, three white, one of them is a woman. Which of course let’s down the narrative that this is white cop on black citizen crime. Remember, a couple of examples. In both the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases the usual suspects were immediately screaming about white caps. That didn’t happen this time.

And keep a close eye on the police union there. Normally, I’m not overly happy with unions, particularly those dealing with government employees. But in this case, they  have several valid points.

As I suggested last night, the poster child has once again fallen off the wall. Don’t doubt me on this, this stuff is not going to go down the way the prosecutor wants her to, because the truth is going to out, and it’s going to destroy the liberal race baiting nonsense once again.

Which raises the question, what happens one actual justice is served, as opposed to the bloody revenge being screamed about by the usual race-baiting suspects?

As far as I’m concerned, this entire case has very little to do with who suffered , and far more to do with who benefited. We’ll get into that Monday.

As a parting shot, I noticed that Hillary Clinton has been joined by some competition on the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders is now running for president. Sanders is probably the only person who could come down to Hillary’s left. Ross Perot, call your office. That’s the kind of ticket split I expect to see her. Does anybody think this thing is going to fly?

And down the road I go. I’ll see you Monday.