This morning I ran from Pennsylvania into Brooklyn and deliver the load, now I’m in Syracuse, probably for the night.

That service engine soon light that I’ve been dealing with for the last couple of days finally reset itself this morning as I predicted it would.


The Mechanical department says that the computer is asking for a firmware update. and with any luck I should be able to drop the truck off at the dealer while I’m gone for the weekend and have it taken care of before I come back. Welcome to my world.

It’s flat out amazing to me, the number of people who are willing to carry the water of Obama and his band of criminals, Hillary Clinton among them.Justin Katz says…

“One silver lining of living during the Obama Era is that we get to witness something that many of us found inexplicable when we learned about it in school: How a civilized country can be brought to the heel of ideologues and thugs. It’s always seemed a bizarre mystery why a large majority of reasonable people would let things that are so patently wrong, so clearly corrosive of everything we value, go on… and expand.”

I’ll give you an example.

Yesterday afternoon this story started making the rounds about how Obama now has an approval rating of 46 percent. This is up somewhat from the record lows that he himself set a couple of months back. Of course the lamestream press is going to say that the approval rates are soaring, ignoring of course the idea of that 46% means that less than half the country approves of the job he’s doing. Ignoring of course the idea that just a short while ago candidate Obama was calling Bush’s approval rating in the middle 50s somewhere a complete disaster. I mean, look, I realize that this loser is all they’ve got but on what planet is 46% approval, so very impressive? Downright laughable if it weren’t so tragic for the country.

And yes, there are a number of the Obama defenders blaming the sub par numbers on racism. One guy made the claim the 46 wasn’t bad given what we have as a nation filled with racists.

Hey, morons.. if this is such a racist country how did he manage to get elected not once but twice? And by the way, some of those people you label racist, are the very ones who elected him. Those approval rating numbers make it clear a goodly number of the people that voted for him are now highly dissatisfied with him. Are these people who elected him, racist as well? Or is there some valid reason for being dissatisfied with him? Policy, perhaps?

To that point, I’m seeing increasing traffic in the social media the last several weeks that suggests that the candidacies of Obama and Clinton and their various exposed criminality (and frankly there’s no kind word) are damaging to the Democrat Party. I suspect that this is where at least part of the dissatisfaction with Obama is coming from.

Of course none of this considers the serious damage being done to the country, as Katz suggests.

  In fairness, there are some who wants to move the Democrat Party away from these thugs, and to that end, the question has come up where is the other Democrat planning on running for president? There doesn’t appear to be any.

My immediate response is thst it’s a little difficult to work up any enthusiasm for a presidential run when in the back of your mind you have visions of becoming the next Vince Foster.

Of course that is an old example of such as tactics going on in the Democrat Party.

More recently, we’ve seen thuggish tactics popping up in both Minnesota and Wisconsin and now more recently in Texas. The amazing part is the rank-and-file Democrat are either turning a blind eye to this abuse are they are approving of it. Rather reminds one of Germany in the thirties.

That blonde from the State Department Marie Harff, who was described rather aptly yesterday by Martin McPhillips as James Carville in a medically induced coma,  is dancing around the Obama lie that we discussed yesterday about the development time for a nuclear bomb in Iran.  Well, now it appears she’s got something new to dance about.

You see,  China is now sounding the alarm about a ramp up of nuclear weapons in North Korea. The official state departments statement is that North Korea should have learned from the negotiations with Iran. That statement of course ignores the idea that they already have learned, and based on that learning, they are taking advantage of this administration’s weakness.

Our friends don’t trust us a random is no longer Ferris at the left considers this a victory. Appositive. How do these people sleep at night?

Which brings us to the other Obama popularity charade. Simultaneously with the 46 percent approval rating story, comes a story that Obama is overwhelmingly popular with other world leaders. I wonder, how many of these other world leaders are sworn enemies of the US? I’m willing to bet for example that Obama is quite popular indeed in North Korea. In Cuba. And so on.

Now, that these stories come out simultaneously, suggest a fabrication. Obama is in trouble popularity wise at home and knows it. The long string of failures have finally started to take their toll. So, he needs to do something to prop himself up again. To prop his own ego up, if nothing else. So, a public relations push through an all too willing lamestream media.

And of course the usual suspects in the social media are still carrying this failures water. They consider these failures a net positive. They consider the thuggish behavior acceptable, and even worthy. Do you begin to understand what America is up against?

I’ll be taking Friday and Monday off so that I can spend a little quality time with Donna. A rare occurrence this. I’m very much looking forward to it. Since I won’t be driving those two days, I won’t be rambling either, so I’ll probably see you Tuesday

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