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Nightly Ramble: is It Really Peace We’re After? It Certainly Isn’t Going to be What We’re Going to Get

Editor’s note… I was so tired on Friday that I forgot to send this. So, it doesn’t get posted until today. My bad.

I have a cold today, so my writing is going to be a little shorter than usual, I think.

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The truck behaved well  week, and without all the vibration I had last week it’s a pleasure to drive again. I’ll be going home tonight, and probably not coming back out again until Sunday afternoon sometime. We all look forward to the weekends, but I look forward to them particularly, because they’re the only time I get to spend with those I love. Welcome to my world.

With the little side show going on with this supposed treaty with Iran, maybe it’s time to come back to reality. It’s as I explained it several years ago…

Clearly, the peace movement in this country thinks that peace is the absence of war.  That’s not true.

They also think that peace can be negotiated.  That is also untrue in large part.

Negotiated peace very seldom lasts for very long, and usually works out to a serious disadvantage for one side or the other.  A close look at North Korea, certainly the product of a negotiated peace and of an antiwar sentiment here in the United States and back in the days of the Korean war, will demonstrate that clearly. I suggest you ask the south Koreans if they think their existence has been a peaceful one since those days. I suspect that they will not.

Consider also, the negotiated peace of World War One. What was negotiated, most scholars will advise us, led directly to World War Two, which was an even bigger and bloodier conflict.

I dare to propose to you, that peace is the product of having overwhelmingly won the war, and of showing the resolve to take on all those who would disturb that peace, thus removing war as an option for them.

As examples of this, let’s look at Germany and Japan in the years following World War Two.  I suspect and suppose that there are very few indeed who will complain that the actions and intentions of the German and Japanese peoples following World War Two, were anything but peaceful.

Demonstrably, these two countries have been among the most peaceful countries on the planet, and have been stalwart friends of freedom.  I suggest this is a direct result of having won the wars against Germany and Japan in overwhelming fashion, and showing a continued resolve to take it on any world power who decides for whatever reason to act unpeaceably.

The leftist “peace” movement in this country with its call to unconditionally separate us from our ability to respond to war making is in fact exposing us to aggressors, thereby causing more bloodshed, and certainly causing a loss of freedom throughout the world.  They would have us negotiating with every ten pot dictator that comes along, in the hope of avoiding bloodshed.  ( The name of Neville Chamberlain pops into mind, unbidden.)

Now, all of that addresses the general concept of trying to negotiate this through. Then we get into the specifics of who it is we are trying to negotiate with.

History shows clearly that those under the influence of Islam, use negotiations as they would any other weapon… Against their enemy. There has been no case in history where they have held to any peace treaty. None. On what basis are we to assume that it’s going to work this time?

Then we have Obama. Who has made so many promises, none of which have come true, that he is deserving of absolutely zero trust from either us or the Iranians. This deal is so important, that we can’t hear the details. We just have to pass it to see what’s in it. We tried that with Obamacare if you’ll recall. How’d that work out?

No. There is nothing about this that is deserving of our trust. This administration’s bumbling will succeed in getting nuclear capability into the hands of Mad Men. And that works counter to peace. No matter how you look at it.
And down the road I go. I’ll see you Monday.