Today, I’m in Denver, Pennsylvania. Yes, Virginia there actually is Denver, Pennsylvania. I’m resting a bit while they unload my trailer. from here, given its Thursday, I will probably be running to Carlisle, and then from there to the Albany area. And, to home.


I haven’t been to this place in a number of years. I had forgotten about it until I rolled in the front door and remember the layout at a glance. Last time I was here, I was still having some backing issues, and this place is a little short on space. Needless to say my memories of the place I’m not all that pleasant.

That said, I had a pleasant day in the sunshine, spend some time cleaning the truck, reading, had a nice lunch. All while waiting for this floor-to-ceiling load.

Cassie is running just fine, the mileage is improving somewhat with warmer weather, I’m up to a little under seven miles per gallon right now. That’s actually fairly good for a full size truck.

You may remember yesterday that I mentioned Hillary Clinton had a little trouble raising substantial number of people to show up to her much ballyhooed announcement of running for president. It turned out that the people it did show up first of all were outnumbered by the members of the press, and it also turned out that the people that did show up were picked specifically by the Clinton campaign and driven there. In other words, we were treated to fake spontaneity.

Now it appears the stories that Mrs Clinton treated the attendees to, were also fake.

She’s going to great lengths to identify that she’s riding around during her campaign in a family van.


Of course, what they don’t say is it the van is secret service issue, is equipped with heated leather seats air conditioning full tint, and a bed. How do I know this? Because it was spotted in a handicapped spot the other day. We’re back to the idea that rules are for little people.

Do Democrats ever tell the truth? Ever?

I see McQ over st Q&O…

Here’s what the Social Justice Warriors don’t understand.  Discrimination is a part of individual freedom.  And with that freedom to discriminate come consequences.  It is like the right to free speech – you get to say what you want (other than incitement) and you get to pay the social and cultural consequences for doing so.  What others don’t get to do, however, is force you to adopt their values and therefore coerce you to conform.  That’s totalitarianism, not freedom.

Precisely. Trouble is, they are not averse to using totalitarianism to achieve their goal. See also, Rules for Radicals

Now, we’ll close on this word from Ambassador. Chris Stevens.


And down the road I go.
I’ll see you tomorrow.