I beg to differ.  It is uncontested that John Hinckley shot both Ronald Reagan and James Brady, the latter whom died of his wounds. from Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

Actually, John Hinckley lives mostly out of the mental hospital already, as NBC News informed viewers yesterday. He stays with his mother in a tony gated community in Williamsburg for 17 days every month, mostly unmonitored if occasionally surveilled by the Secret Service. Thirty-four years after nearly killing Ronald Reagan and James Brady, Hinckley’s attorneys want him released from custody, claiming the insanity that a jury found responsible for his actions in March 1981 no longer presents a danger to anyone else:

So in addition to being a nut job, Hinckley is also a murderer. I say one dead is one too many. Put Hinkley in custody and leave him their, until Hinkley dies. Would Jody Foster be impressed?

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