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Bruce Jenner: A Man for No Seasons

As far as I can tell, Bruce Jenner is just another Hollywood celebutard, given much too much attention.   Yet there limit to how lame stream media drivel I can tolerate, from Dana, Patterico Pontifications [1]:

What Is More Shocking To Diane Sawyer (And The Twitterverse): Bruce Jenner Becoming A Woman Or That He Is A Republican?

Not only did Bruce Jenner come out last night with Diane Sawyer and admit that yes, he is for “all intents and purposes” now a woman, he also came out as a conservative and Republican:

I loath to give undue attention to former athletic long past his glory days, desperate to regain public attention, but this amount of sheer stupidity is too much. Mr. Jenner made two assertions; one, that he thinks he is a woman and two, he is republican or conservative. The former is clearly impossible. Mr. Jenner was born a male and he will die a male, with or without his penis. To the latter, everybody is entitled to hold and declare his particular political belief.

That Diane Sawyer is so feeble minded as to believe in the fairy tale which is called sex-change, and so politically biased to disbelieve that any Hollywood style celebrity can be a conservative is an indictment the lame stream news media addiction to their narratives.