I’m in the Bronx tonight, having delivered off in the early evening. I’ll be leaving in the early morning heading for Scranton Albany and then home.

The truck is working well, it’s been a productive week, but I’m ready for the house. I miss my loving wife and kids, and I need a little cat therapy.

I’m sitting very close to the Whitestone bridge, and the freeway is quite noisy. Time wise, the noise used to bother me, but this truck I’m in is a quiet one and so it doesn’t bother me nearly as much. I’ve overnighted here four or five times.

There are still a few places in the city you can park a truck on the street and not get into trouble, and this is one of them.

Welcome to my world.


Evidence has begun to trickle in in the Baltimore police business with Freddy Gray. I am quite willing to sit back and wait for the evidence to come in before making a final judgment, but I do have to say that what I’m saying so far it does not look any more impressive then the ultimate aces of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Aside from the arrest record which we have already discussed, it turns out on this occasion Gray was arrested for having an illegal switchblade.

I suggest that this arrest, given his previous arrest record, we would have sent him up for some serious time. Given what we know of the record it’s probably justified.

If that’s correct then it’s also reasonable to assume that this would have been responsible for sending him over the edge in terms of compartment.

Which leads us to the report that he was trying to hurt himself in the van. This report did not come from the police but from another passenger in the van, who was also arrested. One could easily presume that the other man, who was also under arrest was not on the side of the police in that instance.

The reports I’m seeing suggests that he managed to hit his head or perhaps more correctly the back of his neck on the Boldt that was inside the police van door. I suppose you could ask any bus driver how hard it is for most people to stand up much less run around and rant and rave in a moving vehicle.

No on like a number of people, I’m willing to sit back and wait for all the evidence to come in before I make a final determination. But, based on these bits of information that we have so far, it seems reasonable to question if this whole affair wasn’t far less than it was made out to be.

Warning. Fasten your seatbelt.

And so, like so many before him, the poster child falls.

Every time the left attaches itself to one person or another, claiming that one person is emblematic of  police brutality, it ends up proving to be something completely different.

I trust that you have not forgotten Michael Brown being portrayed as the gentle giant, someone was looking forward to going to college, someone who would never hurt anybody, etc. The reality came out a little different in that case didn’t it? Similarly, Trayvon Martin. Moreover, in that case, Zimmerman didn’t prove to be the racist that every leftist claimed he was. And now this case.

It comes down to this. if police brutality against black people was so prevalent, If such a thing actually existed, you would think that examples of such would be easier to find. If such things existed on the level that we’re being told it is, why would the proponents of that point of view resort to such weak cases?

As I allowed the other night, we had a cut and dried case of police brutality in the case of Charleston. Yep, we don’t see the level of angst about that that we see about these cases that are anything but cut and dried.

Keep that in the back of your mind for the moment. Just for this moment I’d like you to remember the reports we got that had George Soros and company investing a couple of million in promoting the riots in Ferguson.

But again, not in Charleston? And then, in Baltimore. Clearly, somebody is taking advantage of the question marks surrounding the case. Rahm Emanuel was quoted as suggesting that we should never let a good crisis go to waste.

I would suggest to you that the cut and dried nature of the events in Charleston do not offer any advantage to those investing their money in the riots in Baltimore and in Ferguson.

Observe once again, and David you should chime in here, about the Duke University players who were accused falsely of rape. Look at the number of stories that have been generated as regards the supposed to rape culture, of which there is not of course. Notice that in each case, the question marks are larger then the fax for the majority of that particular events 15 minutes of fame. Once again, somebody is profiting by those question marks.

No, I’m not suggesting literal monetary profits, I’m talking about a particular political profit.

Oh, and by the way. Remember this phrase : ” Let them loot. It’s only property.” that phrase is going to play a large in our conversations over the next couple of days.

And down the road I go. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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