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Nightly Ramble: a Tale of Two Candidates

Today I’m out on Long Island, near Babylon. I think it would have been interesting to see this neighborhood hundred years ago. Today, to be perfectly honest, what I’ve seen of it holds no interest for me.

You can see where it used to be attractive, semi-rural, semi nautical if you will, given the proximity to the ocean but these days it’s nothing more than a bedroom for New York City. And it looks it.

image [1]

I make note of Roger Simon’s column today. [2]

Not only is Rubio the best speaker and the most attractive candidate, the buzz machine is right.  He could be a Republican JFK.   (Let’s leave aside  whether JFK himself was JFK.  We’re talking myth here.)  He has youth, brains and charm.  As of now he is easily the most charismatic candidate the GOP has had since Ronald Reagan.  I know that’s not saying much.  The GOP hasn’t been long on charisma.  But Rubio clearly has got it.

So says Roger Simon. And he’s got a point. He also suggests elsewhere in his article that Rubio could be on his way to a to early peak. That also is a problem. As a matter of fact it was the end I had rather hoped for with Jeb Bush.

As for the charisma bit, yes he’s got it, but you really have to wonder after eight years of somebody long on charisma and short on talent, and actual policies that work, whether or not the American voter is going to be quite so worried about that aspect of the personality of our next president. Its to the point now where Jon Huntsman would look good. That, despite his RINO credentials.

Rubio, for his part, came off as genuine and a real contender yesterday. He did speak up about Hillary Clinton, calling her the candidate of yesterday. I can’t help but think that’s going to stick very nicely.

Speaking of people that don’t have any charisma, now we see Hillary Clinton attacking CEO pay.In other words, going after the employers. We did this once before, already. And a few thousand times before that.

When you attack people with money, when you attack employers, people that provide jobs, one should not be sitting around wondering why in the world the economy has hit the wall. It’s kind of like sticking with cigarettes into a gallon container of gasoline and then wondering why it blows up. but, that’s what Hillary Clinton is doing just now.

Again. It hasn’t worked the last thousand times it’s been tried, this routine, it’s gotten people elected certainly but it hasn’t solve any economic woes for anybody. That was the stated goal, if you’ll recall.

Here’s the thing, though. She’s doing it, because it’s all she has. That kind of class warfare rhetoric is all the left has ever had. The line has been told for so long that making the rich poorer makes the poor richer, it’s now accepted among some as fact.

But therein lies the point that I’m making. The difference between Hillary Clinton and anyone else on the Republican side, its the one on the Republican side, Rubio included, that’s going to have to come up with something more then just the myth. They’re going to have to come up with something that works in reality not just on the campaign trail. It’s my view of the American people simply aren’t that dumb.

As an indicator of this, I know that the reporters outnumbered the voters at her opening in Iowa today.

Of course, this scenario I’ve described assumes the GOP is smart enough to embrace someone like Rubio instead of treating him like the next Sarah Palin. We know the price is going to do that, they always do. But now it’s up to the GOP leadership as to what happens in this country.