It not that I don’t care.  It is that seen this all before.  Yet another unarmed black teenager has been shot and killed by police, and again we have another public outcry. Yet like, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, the outraged public is overlooking the character, or lack thereof same, of the decedents.

(CNN)—On the surface, the situation seems too familiar: Police kill an unarmed black man. Community members rally. They chant in unison and grief: “Black lives matter.”

But the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Tony Robinson has its own unique set of circumstances.

The deadly confrontation has made Madison, Wisconsin, the latest epicenter of protests. Demonstrators plan to rally there at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Monday morning, and students say they will stage a walkout at the city’s East High School after classes.

Andrew Branca, Legal Insurrection:

Step 2: Watch the False Narrative Implode

Curiously, the NBC piece on Robinson’s shooting managed to leave out a considerable amount of context, context that any reasonably person would likely find relevant to understanding the truth of what happened.

Fortunately, The Smoking Gun blog was helpful enough to provide us with this relevant context: Wisconsin Shooting Victim, 19, Was Convicted Last Year For Role In Armed Home Invasion.

It is notable how different this headline is than that offered by the NBC piece, which you’ll recall was: Black Teen Tony Robinson Shot Dead by Cop in Madison, Wisconsin, Was Unarmed.

Also notable is that The Smoking Gun piece was published on Saturday, March 7, the day after the shooting-whereas the NBC piece appears, from indications on the post’s page, to have been published in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 8-after the publication of the The Smoking Gun post. Yet the NBC post contains little of the relevant information contained in The Smoking Gun’s post.

So pardon me if having seen this movie before, I forgo the opportunity to buy a ticket.

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