snark2.jpg The Snark of the Day, Dagny’s Law, from Aurora Dagny:

“One way to define the difference between a regular belief and a sacred belief is that people who hold sacred beliefs think it is morally wrong for anyone to question those beliefs,” Dagny wrote. “If someone does question those beliefs, they’re not just being stupid or even depraved, they’re actively doing violence. They might as well be kicking a puppy. When people hold sacred beliefs, there is no disagreement without animosity.”

Hat tips: Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit; Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner.

Dagny’s Law not only explains the mythology of the so-called rape culture, it also explains the liberal’s blind insistence on anthropogenic global warming. Moreover, the law explains why attempting to reason with liberals in nigh on impossible. Alas all we can do is to mock them.

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