Prince Charles, maybe the world’s most overpaid welfare queen, bites that hand that feeds him, via Gateway Pundit:

“Prince Charles spoke of an “economic system that seems to have enormous shortcomings” at one of the final events of his four day royal tour of the United States.

“The future King gave a speech yesterday tackling the environmental and economic issues faces the world at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Louisville, Kentucky.

“…The Prince of Wales told the invited audience: “We are standing at a moment of substantial transition where we face the dual challenges of a world view and an economic system that seem to have enormous shortcomings, together with an environmental crisis – including that of climate change – which threatens to engulf us all.”

Charles is a welfare bum. He has no job skills and no day job. He simply jaunts around the world spending the hard earned tax dollars of his betters, the hard working British taxpayers, forced to support his lifestyle. Get a job Charlies and shut-up.

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