I’m coming off the first extended weekend I’ve had in several weeks. Kinda nice being able to spend some time around the house. My truck needed some work anyway, and I had some paperwork that I had to complete. the paperwork in this job is seemingly endless.

One of the things that I had taken care of this morning was a new starter motor. The truck starts far more easily now, and I’m not nearly as worried about killing my batteries trying to get the thing to turn over.

I’ve been asked if I keep a CB radio in the truck. The answer is yes, I do. And more than one. If one blows up I want another one because I won’t drive five feet without one.


There’s quite a bit to be said for having a good CB radio in the truck. Yes, there are a lot of idiots out there and sometimes the things can be a hassle. But I have to tell you in all honesty, that it has saved my backside on several occasions, and on a couple of occasions quite literally. Not only does it give me a serious informational edge, but it gives me a method of communicating with other truck drivers.

As far as I’m concerned it’s a safety issue. It’s never made any sense to me at all to be driving something as large as a class 8 truck with a 53 foot trailer or larger, and have no means of communication with the other people around you that are driving similar equipment.

Sooner or later the federal government will try to outlaw the things. In fact, they’ve tried it before on the ground that allowed too much information about the location and activity of the police. I have no doubt that some Yahoo at some point will decide that that’s distracted driving, and outlaw it. . It’s simply the way things work I suppose. But on that day I will withdraw from the profession. And I know I’m not alone in this.

I notice an accident occurring over the weekend on the Staten Island Expressway where 3 cops spent the evening at the bar, and subsequently tried to drive up the Staten Island Expressway going the wrong way and ended up becoming a hood ornament on a full-size Peterbilt. Two dead, so far. I can’t help but think, given previous experience, that the truck driver is going to get part of the blame for the occurrence. Particularly, since all three occupants of the car were police officers, one from New York City and two from New Jersey. Maybe I’m being unfair, here, but I’ve seen it too often to discount the possibility. That alone, annoys me.

I see where the United Nations has decided that Israel is the sole source of women’s rights abuses. Logic, however, rears its head.


Since we’re not seeing this on the streets of Israel, but in the Islamic areas of the world, we must assume that the United Nations is dominated by Islam, given their statements… And therefore the should have been disbanded years ago. Forcibly if necessary, but disbanded. This story does nothing to dispel that thought.

Personally, I’ve been firmly convinced for years that the fastest way to world peace is to nuke Turtle Bay, and Tehran… Both at the same time, and both for the same reason.

I daresay some will call this warmongering, or too militaristic. 
But, truth is, I’m not even warming up yet.

Clearly, the left in this country thinks that peace is the absence of war.  That’s not true.  They also think that peace can be negotiated.  That is also untrue in large part.  Negotiated peace very seldom lasts for very long, and usually works out to a serious disadvantage for one side or the other.  A close look at North Korea, certainly the product of a negotiated peace and of an antiwar sentiment here in the United States, back in the days of the Korean war, will demonstrate that clearly. I suggest you ask the South Koreans if they think their existence has been a peaceful one since those days. I suspect that they will not.

Consider also, the negotiated peace of World War One. What was negotiated, most scholars will advise us, led directly to World War Two, which was an even bigger and bloodier conflict.

I dare to propose to you, that peace is the product of having overwhelmingly won the war, and of showing the resolve to take on all those who would disturb that peace, thus removing war as an option for them.

As examples of this, let’s look at Germany and Japan in the years following World War Two.  I suspect and suppose that there are very few indeed who will complain that the actions and intentions of the German and Japanese peoples following World War Two, were anything but peaceful.  Demonstrably, these two countries have been among the most peaceful countries on the planet, and have been stalwart friends of freedom.  I suggest this is a direct result of having won the wars against Germany and Japan in overwhelming fashion, and showing a continued resolve to take it on any world power who decides for whatever reason to act unpeaceably.

The leftist “peace” movement in this country with its call to unconditionally separate us from our ability to respond to war making is in fact exposing us to aggressors, thereby causing more bloodshed, and certainly causing a loss of freedom throughout the world.  They would have us negotiating with every tin pot dictator that comes along, in the hope of avoiding bloodshed.

Ponder, though, a voice from history…

We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analysing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will.

Sounds rather like the rhetoric and it’s coming from the White House these days, doesn’t it? But, no, those words come from Neville Chamberlain. That ought to be the loudest alarm bell you’ll hear today.

There is no middle ground between Islam and the rest of the world. None. There is no moderate Islam. The current administration in its efforts to convince us otherwise is going to have us waiting until such time as the problem becomes unmanageable, and indeed with this Iranian deal they’re trying to shove down our throats just now, are helping that process along, aiding and abetting are sworn enemy. An enemy, which is already showing its capacity.

Do you understand yet?

And oh by the way, given our withdrawal from Yemen, an area of the world that Obama was just telling us six months ago was a huge victory, does it strike anyone that maybe they’d rather we were blind to the failures of their negotiation process?

Down the road I go. See you tomorrow.

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