LOS ANGELES/SEATTLE, March 18 (Reuters) – Starbucks Corp Chief Executive Howard Schultz has deftly navigated thorny issues such as gay marriage, gun control and Congressional gridlock, but his move to weigh in on U.S. race relations has brewed up a social media backlash.

Granted their a very real, persistent black socioeconomic disparity.   Some folks think the entire disparity can and should be made to simply disappear.   I’d say most would like to see it reduced.

Broadly speaking, the possible cause of the disparity could be attributed to Nature, an lesser amount of a gift from God; Nurture, a less functional, or even dis-functional black culture or sub-culture, or last white anti-black,  a/k/a institutional, racism.

It great to yammer for a honest discussion of race.   However, the theory of institutional racism can not explain the real racial disparity and any suggest of the first two, Nature or Nurture, gets you condemned as a racist.

I don’t think this where he wanted to steer the conservation, but om Juan Williams  hit the nail on the head, from Fox News:

The smart, cocky cynicism in response to Starbucks’ effort is one big reason it is so hard to get to the good part of a real, informative conversation on any topic, including race relations. It is not only that whites might fear being called racist and tapping into guilty feelings while blacks fear being told they have a chip on their shoulders and play the victim/race card. It is also Hispanics, Asians and recent immigrants biting their tongues about the racial stereotypes they face as they are forced to listen as blacks and whites dominate their limited, two-way, jousting about slavery, its legacy and even “micro-aggressions” of “white privilege.”

As a rule, liberals don’t want have a discussion about race.  They want to dish out blame.   No thanks.

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