This is the same John Kerry who traveled to Paris to conduct his own private negotiations with the North Vietnamese during a time  of war:

Washington (CNN)—Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday slammed a letter 47 Republican senators recently wrote to Iran’s leaders.

Kerry, who served for nearly three decades as a senator, told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that he greeted the letter with “utter disbelief,” calling it a breach of “more than two centuries of precedent” and factually incorrect.

Kerry was drummed out of the Navy for conducting is own private negotiations with the North Vietnamese.  Lurch never changes:

At the hearing on Wednesday, Kerry insisted that Cotton’s letter stemmed from the false premise that any agreement brokered with Iran would be legally binding, though the letter doesn’t use that language.

“We’re not negotiating a legally binding plan,” Kerry said, pointing out that an eventual agreement would have the same power as the “thousands” of executive agreements between the U.S. and foreign countries that Congress has not approved.

Lurch slammed the GOP letter for what it did not say, and apparently for revealing the truth of regime’s plan to surrender to Ayatollah’s without creating any binding obligation on the part of Iran to do anything.  Kerry, once a traitor, always a traitor.

No sane person wants to see Iran go nuclear, or apparently is allowed a position of power in the regime’s foreign policy apparatus.

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