Allies spy on each other.   The United States spies of Israel, and in turn Israel returns the favor.   I am not shocked but the regime is irate.    Apparently in Barack Obama’s ivory tower, only the United States is allowed to spy, from Independent (UK):

American officials have accused Israel of spying on diplomatic talks between the United States and Iran – and then feeding sensitive information back to Barack Obama’s political opponents in America.

Israel, which says the allegation are “utterly false”, is opposed to an emerging deal on Iran’s nuclear programme, as are most members of the Republican Party – the sworn political opponents of Mr Obama’s Democratic Party.

According to US newspaper the Wall Street Journal, US spies monitoring Israeli communications claim to have intercepted information which they allege could only have come from spying on American talks about Iran’s nuclear programme.

Does the regime actually believe that a negotiation involving four European nations and Iranian thugs could somehow be kept secret? Does the regime believe that it is our nation’s security interests to keep Congress in the dark not only the specifics of negotiations with Iran but as to their very existence. What say you Chuck Schumer?

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