Change the victim and the left stream media has an all new perspective. If liberals but were consistent they would condemn California Attorney General Kamala Harris for being pro-rape.   Alas.

From Sacramento Bee:

California Attorney General Kamala Harris asked a court Wednesday to intervene and allow her to block an incendiary planned ballot measure authorizing the killing of gays and lesbians.

Calling the proposed “Sodomite Suppression Act” patently unconstitutional and utterly reprehensible, Harris filed a request with the Superior Court in Sacramento seeking to be relieved of her ministerial duty to prepare a title and summary for the measure before it advances to the signature-gathering stage. Harris argues that readying it for circulation would waste state resources, generate unnecessary divisions and mislead the public.

The SSA, as I will call it, seeks to protect the public from unwanted sexual assault from an identified population.   The SSA seeks to punish anybody who “who touches another person of the same gender for sexual gratification” and to impose such punishment without due process.

Yet  punishing a particular population from unwanted touching is precisely the goal of the regime’s war on sexual assault.   Of course the regime gathered data on sexual assault, then called it rape.

From Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner:

Salon (because of course) has published an article titled “Fraternities plan to lobby Congress to prevent campus rape investigations.” The website’s Twitter account called the fraternities a “rape lobby.”

The article claims that the lobbying group, FratPAC, is trying to “make it more difficult for colleges and universities to investigate sexual assault allegations.”

The inference, of course, is that fraternities are trying to make it easier to rape.

Except in the case of the regime, they are waging the war on men.

Harris condemned the SSA for promoting vigilante justice.  Yet the regime’s Department of Justice promoted vigilante justice by encouraging mandating colleges impose punishment on guilty accused males rather using the existing criminal justice system.

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