Jay Carney going to Amazon when he clearly has no talent to bring to the table whatsoever for that company, strikes me as the surest sign yet that the new cronyism is in place…. Except for perhaps the prosecution of Bob Menendez.

The difference of treatment of these two by the administration is striking. The message, given the actions of each as regards this administration cannot be more clear. Carney lied…repeatedly, daily, for Obama. Menendez opposed him.

I suggested a short time ago that Bill Cosby and the treatment he’s receiving lately is an example of what happens when one opposes what has become black street culture. To that point I hold.

But the pattern is beginning to emerge showing  Cosby is no isolated incident in the exercise of control. Does anyone doubt “net neutrality” is more of the same?

I tell you, in my heart I can feel it. All these issues are related to the strings being pulled from this White House. And, beyond.

When I say beyond, I’m considering the reports we see these days of the 33 million dollars that George Soros invested in the protests in Ferguson Missouri.

Putting this all together, I wonder if we can survive this level of corruption, as a country, as a culture, as a people. It seems an open question to me.

afterthought… if you’d like an example of criminal prosecution blatantly not being done, to someone who truly deserves it, considerable Sharpton. Are we really do believe that Bob Menendez is worse than Al Sharpton? Sorry, no sale.