Today, I’m running a load from Batavia New York to Carlisle Pennsylvania. From there, I will most likely run a load into New York City. Trust me, not exactly my favorite place to be, but the money is reasonable, so I take the job.


My truck was in the shop for a good deal of yesterday, having a complete preventive maintenance done, along with a new set of steer tires, a repair on another tire, a repair of my tail lights, and a couple other adjustments. With all of that, its handling very nicely indeed, and I’m quite pleased with it.

I’ve been adding little do dads here and there, and it’s looking very promising. I figure by the end of the summer, I’ll have something that will be running exactly the way I want it to be, and that will last for about a month until the snow flies. Welcome to my world.

It occurs to me that the question before us in the next election is who we trust less….. The Democrats, or the  Iranian Mullahs.

Look, let’s face it. No matter how you slice this, the Iranians have been playing the Democrats in this country like old Fiddles. Thing is, like it or not the GOP leadership has been enabling them to do exactly that. I honestly don’t know if  running us right out to the edge of our destruction is part of the GOP establishment plan, but it’s certainly what they’ve been successful with doing, thus far.

At the same time,it appears to me that at this point handing the Democrats the power of government again, is a mandate for them to finish the job. They seem more interested in putting sanctions on Indiana then they do Iran. Telling, that.

Speaking of that, I see the governor of Connecticut has decided to impose a travel ban from Connecticut to Indiana. First of all, fat lot of chance he’s going to have enforcing that, but let’s look at why all this noise and spittle. Supposedly this is because of the Religious Freedom Act that was just signed out there. We are, I guess, supposed to ignore the fact that Connecticut has even more stringent laws in this regard than Indiana does. Yet he’s making a show of pointing a finger at Indiana. Are you getting the picture yet?


Oil: The American Interest says in part today…

Beijing lays claim to the world’s largest shale gas reserves and third-largest shale oil reserves. Yet, as countries like Poland,LithuaniaRomaniaSouth Africa, and the UK are all learning, simply possessing the resource isn’t enough. The American energy renaissance has not come gift-wrapped; rather it has been a product of a great number of favorable factors and innovative efforts.

What they don’t say is that the other thing that the Americans have that nobody else does including all those listed, is a reliance on free enterprise which fosters the kind of innovative efforts and random favourable factors but they’re talking about here. In fact, it’s that history that caused out advances in oil exploration in spite of an administration band on stifling such exploration.

The more government gets involved, the less success such efforts have. If you doubt me, consider that China can’t frack , but then again either can New York State and for the same reason.

It’s heartbreaking to drive along the New York / Pennsylvania border, and see all of the jobs being created in Pennsylvania surrounding the oil industry. Jobs we could also be creating a New York State. These are good paying jobs. Jobs that New York desperately needs. But of course, Cuomo, being a wonderfully solid liberal, wants nothing to do with them.

Is Ted Cruz the best choice for president? I don’t know.

Is he better than what we’ve got? Undoubtedly.

Is he better than anything the establishment GOP has been coming up with? Without any question whatsoever in my mind.

If there’s one reason that I would like to see Ted Cruz in the White House it’s that it would allow for a direct A to B comparison of governing philosophies. Big government, vs constitutional conservatism.

Consider…They have similar pre-presidential experience, so the only markable difference between Obama and Cruz, other than of course their race, is the idea that whereas Obama came into office with the goal of making government cool again, Cruz knows that government isn’t the solution, it is in fact the problem. Now, if the economy takes off, and things get set to rights very quickly after the election of a Ted Cruz to the White House, it seems to me that the American people will have an explicit reason not to trust the Democrats ever again. Because the only difference between the two of them is going to be their governing philosophy. It’s my guess, that such an a/b comparison is the Liberals greatest fear about Ted Cruz. And for that matter, it’s probably the biggest fear amongst the establishment GOP as well.

To my mind that’s the biggest explanation for the similarity of response to candidates like Cruz.

And down the road I go. See you tomorrow.

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