The late Fred Phelps was a vile and petty man, who claimed, I say falsely, to be able to read the mind of God, from Hill:

Fred Phelps, founder of he staunchly anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church, had a long and contentious relationship with the FBI, according to the late pastor’s newly released 250-page bureau file.

Phelps, who died in March 2014 at age 84, was known best for leading protests at funerals to highlight the church’s crusade against homosexuality

Why the Federal Bureau of Investigation saw fit to probe the affairs of a preacher from Kansas was not made clear. The primary thrust of of investigations appears to have been threat against the Westboro Baptist Church. I wonder if the F.B.I. would have been equally tolerant to threat to such leftward institutions as say the National Association for the Advancement of [Liberal] Colored People or the domestic terror operation known as the Southern Poverty Law Association? I think not. Unlike the late liberal icon, Teddy “Senator Oldsmobile” Kennedy, Phelps was never suspected of killing anybody.

Yet for what ever reason, Hill seems more concerned about attempting to muddy Phelps’ name than dealing with any real problems.

Irony missed, one M.L. Nestel, does Full Phelps in an attempt to bash the late reverend, from Daily Beast:

God Hates Cowards

Cop-Bashing, Gay-Hating Westboro Church Begged Feds for Protection

Fred Phelps, the world’s loathsome preacher, loved to talk smack about cops—until he needed them to keep him safe.

He was dubbed the “Hater-In-Chief” for creating one of the most reviled religious institutions in the world.

The late Reverend Phelps had no ability to know who or what God hates or not.  Than made Phelps an ignorant bigot.  Likewise, Nestel has no more ability than Phelps to know who or what God hates, That also makes Nestel an ignorant bigot.